Window Types

Sublime's window products are based upon the European-style, inswing tilt / turn window.  
This enables us to provide the following window types:


Tilt / Turn Operation


By turning the handle 180 degrees to the vertical position, the window tilts inward on the top making it ideal for ventilation.  With the handle in the 90 degree horizontal position, the window swings inward from the side for convenient cleaning, full ventilation and emergency egress.

* Note: Maximum sizes also subject to limiting width and height requirements.  See specific window system for details.

Window Combinations

Let your imagination run wild

Basic window types can be combined for an infinite range of possible options.    
Several common examples are shown below:


Maximize Your View

With vertical and horizontal mullion and coupling systems, large window units can be manufactured and then joined together on site, facilitating construction of floor-to-ceiling windows and expansive glass curtain walls.



Entry and Patio Doors

Like our windows, single swing and french door systems can be combined with window units to form various combinations.  
Some common examples are shown below:




Lift / Slide Doors

Expand your living space to the outdoors

We offer Lift / Slide doors in 2, 3 and 4 panel configurations with maximum sizes up to 20 feet long and 75 SF of glass area.

Sublime Windows_4Door_Types03.jpg


* Note: Maximum sizes also subject to limiting width and height requirements.  See specific door system for details.